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    28 Mar 2018 - 30Apr2018

    São Brás de Alportel

    This event is part of the art cycle "A certain point of view" It is said (among other hypotheses) that, around two centuries ago, the inhabitants of São Brás de Alportel resorted to trickery to defend themselves from attack and fend off an invading fleet. After dark, they lit many torches; and all along the seashore, the lit torches were either carried by hand or embedded in the ground. They were thus able to convince the enemy that they were outnumbered by well-prepared ...

  • Paris, HOJE

    07 Apr 2018 - 19May2018


    This exihbition is part of the 4ª Edição Festival "encontros do DeVIR"   This exhibition is the result of an order to create the DeVIR meetings with Elisabete Maisão to collect images that show how the refugees from Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries live today, in camping tents in the streets of Paris, after the forced abandonment of the Calais refugee camp. "Paris TODAY" and "refuge and segregation" ...

  • “Refúgio e Segregação”

    10 Apr 2018 - 05May2018


    This exihbition is part of the festival: 4ª Edição Festival "encontros do DeVIR" The migratory movement of people escaping their own countries takes place for a thousand of years now. The refugee crisis in Europe has become one of the largest crisis in history of mankind. Photographer Elisabete Maisão covered refugee camps in Europe, in the Middle East, she was recently in Roraima, on the border between Brazil and Venezuela. In her work visits as a ...


    14 Apr 2018 - 10Jun2018


    This event is part of the art cycle "A certain point of view" About the artist Pedro Valdez Cardoso (Lisbon, 1974). Pedro Valdez Cardoso has been exhibiting his work at individual and group exhibitions in Portugal and abroad since 2001. His works can been found in various highly-regarded Portuguese collections, as well as in the Spanish collections of the DA2 – DOMUS ARTIUM in Salamanca, IVAM – Valencian Institute of Modern Art in Valencia and the MACUF – Union ...

  • Chilingirian Quartet (Armenia / United Kingdom)

    21 Apr 2018


    This show is part of the "33rd Algarve International Music Festival (FIMA)" The Chilingirian Quartet is one of the leading string quartets and they have released many recordings in a range of genres and styles, from classical to contemporary repertoires by way of pieces inspired by folk music.In this programme they will be performing two of the great quartets by Mozart and Beethoven, as well as a selection of Popular Armenian Songs from one of their most successful albums, ...

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