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  • Exhibition “(RE)INVENTION”

    15 Jun 2018 - 28Jul2018


    Synopsis This Project is inspired by the notion of using ideas that invade our mind, transforming them through a unique concept - (re)invention - which is defined by capturing common objects and proceeding to rearrange them in an unexpected way, graphically and conceptually. Biography Paulo Baumhammer Half German, half marafado (1), Paulo completed a Bachelor in Management at ISCTE, Lisbon. After doing a Master’s Degree in Marketing at the same faculty, he developed a passion for ...

  • Cícero

    22 Jun 2018

    Cícero in Portugal with new album (June) Cicero's connection with Portugal has been made with great consistency. Since 2013 in presentations in our country, Cicero conquered Portuguese public very firmly. Timeless songs, the Brazilian root very present, and a carioca talent that conquers more and more in Portugal. June 20 is the date for the Capitólio debut. After three albums – Canções de Apartamento (2011), Sábado (2013) and A Praia (2015) - the ...

  • Cycle “Music and Nature"

    22 Jun 2018

    Castro Marim

    The Revelim de Santo António, in Castro Marim, will host the Orquestra Clássica do Sul on June 22, Saturday, for a concert of the cycle "Music and Nature", at 9.30 pm. Works by Rossini, Mascagni, Strauss or Dvorák are part of the program that will be conducted by Conductor José Eduardo Gomes.   Conductor: José Eduardo Gomes

  • AMATORES IN SITU – The Ancient World seen by yhose who love it

    22 Jun 2018


    Milreu is a paradigmatic case of continuous occupation of the same space over the course of 20 centuries. This site witnessed the arrival of the first Christians and the way they lived alongside the pagan communities; later, it became home to Muslims and then more Christians. In the same space, (re)using the same structures and interacting with the same techniques and construction materials, a space for intergenerational dialogue was built here. But it is a space that is also ...


    23 Jun 2018

    Vila do Bispo

    Manuela Caneco writes: "In response to this question, we propose a conscious future, centred on knowledge, which restores the interconnection between Humans and Nature, in a modern way. Valuing Guadalupe. Valuing the megalithic monuments (there are so many and they are so special) as energy points on earth. (...) It is time to bridge the gap between past and future." In collaboration with archaeologist Ricardo Soares, a meeting at the Chapel of Our Lady of Guadalupe is proposed, along ...

  • Festival MED '18

    28 Jun 2018 - 01Jul2018


    This 15th edition will have 75 hours of music, 55 bands from 20 different nationalities, with more than 260 musicians performing on 9 stages in several places. Along with the World Music, and because the Festival MED is a cultural fusion of the four corners of the Planet, where diverse manifestations take place, from the plastic arts to the design, the theatre, new circus, films, poetry, photography or food, this year 100 exhibitors with crafts and agrifood products, 4 exhibitions spread ...

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