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  • Historical Centre of Faro

  • 6.30 pm

  • Associação Recreativa e Cultural de Músicos

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26 April, 2018 . Faro

Faro Unveiled

A Visit to the City of Faro’s Historical Past

This event is part of the "Faro Unveiled"

Faro Unveiled proposes a journey to the origins and the cultural diversity that were the foundations upon which the city of Faro and Algarve were built.

This show takes you on a visit to the city of Faro’s historical past, starting at the cathedral, then moving on to Faro Municipal Museum, and finishing at the old city walls.

Tartesso, a guide/actor, will take the group on a journey to Faro Cathedral, where you will have your first contact with the period of Phoenician colonisation of the Western Mediterranean, when the city of Faro was known as Ossónoba. Next, at Faro Municipal Museum, you will learn about the Roman and Visigoth periods. The journey continues to the old city walls, where the Arab period left us a vast cultural legacy, becoming part of the Algarvean and Portuguese identity. Lastly, King D. Afonso III has a message for all the participants.

At the end of the show there will be a wine tasting session with the artists.


Rui Gonçalves – A graduate in Artistic Studies, Rui Is currently the programmer for Figuras Theatre’s educational service. He has been working in theatre since 1992 in the positions of actor, producer, sound recordist, light technician, stage director, technical director and cultural programmer. He has created sound tracks for exhibitions and stage plays.

Fernando Cabral - Fernando began his theatrical career in 1994. He has played various roles in television series and in films, including Olhos de ‘Agua and Rebelde Way. From 2000 to 2007, he was a member of the University of Algarve’s theatre group, SIN-CERA. Since 2007, he has been working with A PESTE, a theatre research association. Sociocultural animator, mime and story teller are his other specialities as an artist.

Adelaide Fonseca – Since 1994, Adelaide has played numerous roles in stage plays. She was an actress and producer with the University of Algarve’s theatre group, Sin-cera, from 1994 to 1999. Since 2006, she has been working as an actress with the ArQuente cultural association. From 2013 to 2016, she was involved as a performer in plays such as The Stone Lover by Cia João Garcia Miguel and Atlas, by Ana Borralho and João Galante. Between 2014 and 2017, she did various works as a plastic and visual artist.

Pedro Monteiro - A graduate in philosophy, Pedro has devoted himself exclusively to theatre and cinema since October 2005. He founded the professional theatre group te-Atrito, for which he is the artistic director, actor, director and producer. He has been organising the Em Contra Teatro, ARCMúsicos theatre encounters in Faro since 2010. Since December 2013, he has been the director of the university theatre group Sin-Cera (audience prize and honourable mention at FATAL 2015). He is also associate producer at Fury n’Dust, an independent video and cinema producer. He played a role in Basil Al Safar’s short film Jigsaw in 2013, for which he won the best actor prize at the 2014 Bragacine event.

Tânia Silva - Tânia did her specialisation in theatre at the University of Algarve and also took the Actors’, Technicians’ and Theatrical Animators’ Course taught by ACTA. Those she has trained under include Nuno Pino Custódio, Sofia Cabrita, Dario Fo, Franca Rame, José Manuel Ávila Costa, José Carlos Garcia, Manuela de Freitas, José Mário Branco, António Branco, Madalena Victorino and Evegueni Beleaev. She has worked with directors Luís Vicente, Joaquim Benite, Jorge Soares, Paulo Moreira, Paulo Matos, Pedro Monteiro, José Lourenço, José Carlos Garcia, Andrzej Kowalski, Gerhard Weber, Leszek Mądzik and Pierre-Etienne Heymann.

Artistic Director Rui Gonçalves

Creation and interpretation : Adelaide Fonseca, André Alfarrobinha, André Canário, Fernando Cabral, Laura Pereira, Pedro Monteiro, Rui Gonçalves, Tânia Silva.

Executive producer Vera Pinheiro

Photography Tata Regala

Support: Faro Municipal Council, Herança de Hermínio do Beato Oliveira (Espaço Muralhas) and Tertúlia Algarvia

Length: 1 hour 15 minutes

Age group: six and over

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