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22 April, 2018 . Tavira


Session in Portuguese

This show is part of the "Cataplay"

Could the cataplana have been invented by the Arabs for the practice of turning metal into gold? What magical properties could copper have that allows it to give food such a unique and special taste? How could an object shaped like a UFO have become a symbol of Algarvean culture? cataPlay shows us how traditions inherited from the various civilisations who have lived in the Algarve are passed down from generation to generation and from family to family, in a legacy of cataplana recipes suitable for specific moments in our lives – when we are sad, when we are euphoric, during pregnancy and after childbirth, to cure lovesickness, ease a guilty conscience, help us get along with our mother-in-law, resolve physical problems, impress people and open our hearts.

During the show, the actors will prepare a cataplana, filling the room and enveloping the audience and the senses, through the aromas, mysteries, poetry, tricks and alchemies. 

The Tertúlia Algarvia will be preparing a cataplana for a tasting session after the show.


João de Brito. Born in Faro, João de Brito has a degree in acting from the Lisbon Theatre and Film School and a Master’s in cultural practices for municipalities from the Nova University in Lisbon. He has worked with the following creators:

Mário Spencer. Born in Guinea Bissau and living in the Algarve, Mário Spencer Took the acting course taught by ACTA – The Algarve Theatre Company. He has worked with the following creators: In 2016, he set up Mário Spencer Entertainment.

Tânia Silva. Born in Faro, Tânia was born in Faro and took the ACTA acting course. She has a postgraduate degree in communication, culture and arts, with specialisation in theatre, from the University of Algarve. She has worked with the following creators: In 2016, she co-founded the FERA Cultural Association, which is based in Faro.

Filipe Correia. Born in Faro, Born in Faro, Filipe took the Technical University of Lisbon’s course in fashion design. He has worked at ModaLisboa and at MUDE, which helped him build up his visual and cultural experience. He worked on the film projects A Porta 21, and on some segments of Portugal não está a venda and Trindade, among others. His theatre collaborations include Sin-Cera and the ArQuente Association.

Artistic and technical credits

Original idea: Tânia Silva

Text: Joana Guita e Tânia Silva

Staging: João de Brito

Cast: Mário Spencer e Tânia Silva

Costumes: Filipe Correia

Length: 60 minutes

Age group: six and over

Admission: €10 | Family ticket (2 Adults + 1 or 2 children aged 6 to 12 years): €25.00

Students and Pensioners: €7.00

Pack of 10 Adult Tickets: €80.00

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