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From 24 to 29 April, 2018 . Aljezur


Baro d'Evel Cirk

This show is part of the Lavrar o Mar 


A fascinating, poetic and transforming show that sets out to reinvent, through the language of new circus – a miscellany of rhythm and voice, dance, acrobatics and visual arts – the intimate and fragile relationship between people and animals.

In their tent, a kind of cave with cave paintings, we take part in an unlikely journey and witness an intelligent and extremely sensitive and contemporary dialogue by bodies searching for solutions in instability, about freedom and ancestry, performed by a tribe comprising horses, birds and humans. Endowed with an unusual and enigmatic imagery reminiscent of Tàpies or Kantor, for example, Bestias is presented as an oneiric bestiary, which promises to move and question humankind’s place in the world order.

Length: 100 minutes (no interval)

Age group: Ages 6 and over

Biographies of the people involved:

Camille Decourtye: Camille grew up between horses and academic music studies. She studied aerial acrobatics at the ENCR and CNAC in France. Meanwhile, she developed her vocal work and attended various training courses – world music, gypsy music – and in 2006 attended Music’Halle in Toulouse. In 2004, she decided to include horses in the company’s projects. From then on she worked on a project about freedom and communication through the body, seeking the language and unique enthusiasm in each horse. She writes and performs in all of Baro d’evel’s shows.

Blaï Mateu Trias: Born in Barcelona, Blaï Mateu Trias grew up in a family marked by post-Franco Catalan artistic trends. He participated in the first Clowns Without Borders expeditions with the company Tortell Poltrona. Having trained in circus arts at various highly-regarded French schools, he has worked with various artists, including Heddy Maalem and Eugène Durif. Also a writer and performer in all of Baro D’evel’s shows, he began a solo experiment in which, and through which, he questions circus in its form and confronts it with its history and dramatism. He has been one of the company’s artistic directors since 2006. 

Artistic and technical credits:

Designers and Artistic Directors: Camille Decourtye and Blaï Mateu Trias

Artists: Noëmie Bouissou, Camille Decourtye, Claire Lamothe, Tais Mateu Decourtye, Blaï Mateu Trias, Julian Sicard, Marti Soler Gimbernat and Piero Steiner; the horses Bonito and Shengo, the birds: Gus, Zou, Farouche and Midinette.

Artistic collaborations: Maria Muñoz and Pep Rami/ Mal Pelo, Bonnefrite

Work with the Animals and Carers: Camille Decourtye, Laurent Jacquin and Nadine Nay

Sound creation: Fanny Thollot

Musical contributors: Nicolas Lafourest and Fanny Thollot

Lighting design: Adèle Grépinet

Costumes: Céline Sathal

Technical Director: Nancy Drolet and Louis Cormerais

Construction: Laurent Jacquin and Sylvain Vassas-Cherel

Participants: Aurélien Conil (electrical/computer engineer), Pau (organ builder) and Tristan Plot (bird charmer)

Director of Production and Broadcasting: Marie Bataillon and Laurent Ballay

Production Assistants: Pierre Compayré and Celia Medan

Illustrations/Graphics: Bonnefrite

Other services and facilities

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