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28 April, 2018 . Loulé

"Fiend" | "Attraction"

Casson&Friends (United Kingdom) | Companhia KHAM (Laos, France)

This show is part of the 4ª edição Festival "encontros do DeVIR"

Length: 60 minutes

Age Group: 12 and over

FIEND | Casson&Friends

It is a surprisingly solo that draws inspiration from Nijinsky’s L’après-midi d’un faune. It is as disconcerting as it is poetic. It works as a mirror, a game of doubles, drawing from digital and new technologies, where real and imaginary, memory and magic come across...It is a unique opportunity!

Using Nijinsky's 'Afternoon of a Faun' as a starting point, Fiend is a solo performance exploring how we connect, how we see and how we are seen.A collaboration between dance artist Tim Casson and video technician Tom Butterworth, Fiend, uses innovative manipulation of live video to reveal a magical world where the performer is multiplied. His actions relocated in time and re-told in new contexts, Fiend reveals a very human character, searching for connection in his virtual world.

Performer: Tim Casson

Computer Programming and Operation: Tom Butterworth

Music: Called Debussy and Jamie McCarthy

Costumes: Jay Barry Matthews

Lighting: David Salter

Photography: Alisa Boanta

Supported by dancedigital & University of Bedfordshire, Greenwich Dance, DanceEast Jasmin Vardimon Company and Arts Council England


The de-multiplied image of the performer projected on screen in real time, with resource to new technologies, becomes an extension of the movement he produces, it works as a reverberation, an “attraction” to our senses where west and east come across in each movement.

The confluence between two arts, dance and digitals arts. An interactive union where the movement create the image, where the video inspires the dance. A match around Southeast Asia, from its traditionnals arts (dances, music, masks) to the rice field work, flowing by hip hop and contemporary dance technics, and generative graphic creations offered by new technologies. A story, a balancing game built between the choreographer and the digital artist, between performance and visual arts, between natural and urban, between tradition and modernity. They suggest an oeniric atmosphered journey, at the heart of a personal quest on the origins, the forces involved in the universe and on ATTRACTIONs reign over our faiths.

Choreographer & performer : Olé Khamchanla

VJing : VJ ZERO – Rochel Mancip

Music : Léo Jourdain

Light : Jessica Farinet

Production : KHAM

Support : Drac et Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes, Département de la Drôme,

Communauté de Communes de Porte DrômArdèche

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