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30 June, 2018 . Portimão

Sweet Home Europa

de Davide Carnevali

This show is part of the Eunice Network that promotes the circulation of the shows produced and coproduced by the National Theater D. Maria II.

Where do we come from and where are we going?

The abyss of the relationship between two human beings is the border between countries. In this fable, love is the political act that calibrates the economic well-being of the community; each individual, the memory of a people; the capital, the plate on the table.

'Sweet home Europe' is a project of Europe in crisis - we feel the tremor of its structure and its singularity is revealed to us. Davide Carnevali describes the extremity in wich Europe is at this moment, the twilight, perhaps the place from which we can best see from where we came and where we are going to, in a caustic vision of the European dream.


Text: Davide Carnevali

Directed by: João Pedro Mamede

Translation: Tereza Bento

With João Vicente, Isabel Costa, João Pedro Mamede

Music: Daniel Bernardes

Scenography: Ângela Rocha

Costume Design: Gonçalo Quirino

Light Design: João Cachulo

Sound and sound design: André Pires

Assisting Director: Catarina Rôlo Salgueiro

Production: TNDM II

Age rating: M / 14

Duration: 1h40m

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