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20 July, 2018 . Faro

António e Beatrix


In the transplants citadel, Beatrix visits Antonio. The citadel is a place of advanced science where medicine extends the spectrum of survival, increasing life expectancy. Antonio is one of the chosen to survive longer and better. But why was he selected and not another? What will be the price? In a place closer to the future and a reserve of controlled lives, words and deeds make the border, and Beatrix is very different from Antonio...



author | Abel Neves

translation | Marinela Banioti

direction | Rui Madeira

set design | Acácio Carvalho

costume | Manuela Bronze

lighting design | Nilton Teixeira

video | Frederico Bustorff Madeira

sound design | Pedro Pinto

cast | Nora Covali (Romania), Rogério Boane (Mozambique)

*co-production (part 1) with Theater of Piatra Neamt (Romania) with the support from Romanian Cultural Institute

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