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From 05 to 19 July, 2018 . Tavira

Mostra-Ar Livre de Cinema’18

The Open Air Film Showcase - Mostra’18, in its 18th Edition will focus on fiction cinema. The Mostra will touch on issues such as identity and gender, work and society, immigration, politics and love. The programme will be completed with an exhibition of 2 great classics, one of the best comedies in Billy Wilder’s film Some Liket it Hot, and due to the centenary of Ingmar Bergman’s birth, The Seventh Seal will be project. We will have an Absolute Premiere in Portugal, Little Crusader from the Czech Václav Kadrnka, a visual poem where the journey of a father in search of his son becomes a trip where he will face his worst fears. We will also count on the programme with the celebration of the 50 years of May 68 with the film Le Redoutable (Godard Mon Amour). And as it is tradition in the Mostra we will have a live music film by Tomás Tello and Raúl Jardín, two musicians from Lima, Peru who will play the Aelita movie, the first Russian science fiction film.

The educational service is a clear bet of the Cineclube of Tavira, and this year, as in previous years will take place a Workshop. We will have the NADA Collective (Audiovisual Center of the Algarve) that will facilitate an Introduction Workshop on Cinema, with the final result of a collective short film.

In this 18th edition, we will bet, in the line of last year, in a show that intersects with other arts and disciplines that relate to cinema. This year we will have the collective formed by Francisca Bagulho, Claúdia Castelo, António Gomes and the Director of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, Manuel Henriques, with the performance on July 7 “Piropeep - Performance in Super8”.

And finally, at Closing of the Mostra, we will have the presence of the portuguese director Marco Martins, who will be at the Casa das Artes at 6pm to talk about his last film São Jorge, that he will present at 21:30, and we close the Mostra’18 with a Prty with the Djs Shaolin and Jardín, providing a relaxed atmosphere between the public and the invited film director and the organisation of the event.

See the poster here.

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