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18 July, 2020 . Vila Real de Santo António

À Babuja

On a sunny day, a caravan opens its shutters to welcome a certain smell. No one knows whose smell it is, but gradually it becomes familiar. Two actors and a musician will help to turn this “certain” smell into a scent that pervades the clothes of those who visit and pass by. Three, two, one and welcome to our panoply of products. The memories of taste, the scent of a gesture, sound recollections, sights that can never be forgotten. To be “À Babuja” also means to be close ... to people. Here you can breathe in the Algarve.

Duration: 35mins

Artistic and technical file

Creation and staging - João de Brito

Playwriting - Joana Bértholo

Interpretation - André Canário, Igor Martins and João de Brito

Sonoplasty - Igor Martins

Scenography - Carla Martinez e Isabelle Yvonne

Costume Design - José António Tenente


Photography and Video - Diogo Simão

Executive Production - Tiago da Camara Pereira

Production – LAMA


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