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30 May, 2020 . Faro

Culatra Island – Rescue, Routes and Exhibition

6th Editon | Encontros do DeVIR Festival

Each and every occupant on this planet is to some extent an uncontrolled polluter who can play a decisive role in saving it. This potential tends to be exercised in different ways and intensities, which in many cases depend on the jobs we have but also on how our lives are affected by pollution and climate change.

With the sea in mind, more particularly the Ria Formosa, a sensitive and poorly protected territory, our challenge is to contribute towards the visibility of the work of teams of researchers from the University of Algarve that address urgent issues regarding the safeguarding of the barrier islands.

Through a large-format photography exhibition, tours and visits to the island, we provide both residents and visitors with images and information that can make us more pro-active, more aware but also more complicit in combating the changes to which our habitat is subjected.

Duration: 5 hours


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