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04 October, 2020 . Lagos

Água (Water)

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Ventania | Western Algarve Performing Arts Festival

A cross between installations, public art and performance, “Água” (Water) is a show by André Braga and Cláudia Figueiredo of the company Circolando. It stems from three unique igloos that occupy a public space in the Constitution Garden, beckoning for the public to peek into them.

It proposes three universes, three approaches and an invitation to navigate them. Fragments, choices, loose ends, proximity and water reflected in various states and emotions.

Word, storm, ice and blood will eventually be covered by a common frost.

Micro stories built around imagery linked to elements of water element and climate change. Plastic-water, the poetics of water in an age of deregulation.

Duration: 60 min

Age rating: 3+


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