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From 15 June, 2018 to 28 July, 2018 . Lagos

Exhibition “(RE)INVENTION”

by Paulo Baumhammer


This Project is inspired by the notion of using ideas that invade our mind, transforming them through a unique concept - (re)invention - which is defined by capturing common objects and proceeding to rearrange them in an unexpected way, graphically and conceptually.


Paulo Baumhammer

Half German, half marafado (1), Paulo completed a Bachelor in Management at ISCTE,

Lisbon. After doing a Master’s Degree in Marketing at the same faculty, he developed a passion for advertising, where ideas and concepts are always present. After working for

2 years in Wunderman as a strategic planner, he decided to have a more active role in the creative process and, after a course in Restart (Lisbon), he worked for 18 months as an Art Director at Wiinicio. Now he is back in Lagos, and somewhere in the middle of this path, the present project was born.

(1)A word usually used in the Algarve; to mean a number of things depending on context; such as silly; fool; stubborn; crazy; etc.

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