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From 14 July, 2018 to 15 September, 2018 . Faro

Exhibition 289 - Pedro Cabrita Reis Project

Opening | July 14th | 7.00 pm

From July 14 until September 15, the manor of “Pontes de Marchil”, which the city growth brought closer to the urban perimeter of Faro, will offer the usual summer public of the Algarve a quite unusual exhibition. Pedro Cabrita Reis was challenged to occupy the manor and – as is his design – largely accepted, bringing a good number of his friends and asking them to bring along as many others. The reunion of this ample group, light as it is for happening in the summer, comes as the promise to ponder on the state of the art. It might as well bring a handful of surprises, such as an impromptu party. From the outset, the vernacular architecture of the place and its dislocation in time, caused by the loss of the rural function it once held, makes the locusespecial. The artists reunited are a rare crowd of individual voices, some more renowned than others. Here they gather, crossing paths, building upon former encounters of old, or more recent ones in a practice of unfinished conversation (including evident moments of solitude, or confrontation). Never do they attempt to reach a conclusion; each voice (each author) remains irreducible in his/her own territory. These are the only conditions under which the exhibition can become productive for each of them and for the public. The artists temporarily dwelling in the inner mazes and open spaces of the old manor house arrive from different times, different places, and carry with them equally diverse attitudes and wishes. They come mainly from two open spirited projects to converge in Faro this summer of 2018. Some participated in the @British Bar Project, visible since April 2017 in the three shop windows of the British Bar in Lisbon (curated by the same Pedro Cabrita Reis). Others include artists and guests of the Algarvian collective 289. All are joined by further artists invited by Cabrita Reis in the process.

Text João Pinharanda

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