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26 April, 2019 . Faro



A collection of poems by Algarvian authors lends the words to Elastic, blending with the text of Sarah Lemonnier and João de Brito.

Ten years have passed. Four friends meet.

The boat is the same, the instruments and the songs too, but there is something different. Relationships have changed; conversations became arguments, feelings sour.

In an attempt to return to the past, the friends are confronted with a reality they no longer know.

Between stories packed into music, poetic laughter, and absurd discussions it becomes increasingly obvious what each one has become.

Is friendship capable of surviving change?

Duration: 60 minutes (approx.)

Age rating: 12+


Artistic and technical sheet:

Creation and Staging: João de Brito

Dramaturgy: Sarah Lemonnier and João de Brito

Interpretation: Diogo Valsassina, Inês Monstro, Jorge Albuquerque and Luís Simões

Music Consulting: The Legendary Tigerman

Costume Designer: José António Tenente

Costume design: Susana Marques Mira

Scenography: Fernando Ribeiro

Light Design: Nuno Figueira

Sound: João Miguel Carvalho

Video and Photography: Diogo Simão

Photos: Mariana Silva

Graphic Design: Bruno Bua

Executive Producer: Margarida Mata

Co-production: LAMA / The Space of Time / Cineteatro Louletano

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