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16 November, 2018 . Lagoa

Heritage Paths - Outstanding Experiences | “Viver e Aprender num Convento” (Living and Learning in a Convent)

Route 2: Viver e Aprender num Convento (Living and Learning in a Convent)

To Lagoa and its people, the S. José Convent is a jewel in its crown. The sober edifice dating from the first half of the eighteenth century was built as a Refuge, and thus for more than a century was run by the obstinacy of mendicant nuns. With the extinction of religious orders the building was converted into a women's college and run by a Dominican congregation until the establishment of the Republic.

This performance is staged in the alleyways adjacent to the building, with a series of interactions leading into it.

Inspired by letters sent between the college’s Mothers Superior and the founder of the Congregation, Teresa de Saldanha, the performances portray the social, religious and pedagogical work of the Sisters, their routines, dilemmas and defining moments of life in the convent and in the then-quiet town of Lagoa, in the early twentieth century.

Duration: 90 minutes

Age rating: 6 and over


Artistic and Technical Sheet


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Nelda Magalhães - TEL


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