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18 May, 2019 . Lagoa

Heritages Paths - Outstanding Experiences | “Um Rio… de encontro ao Mar” (“A River ... Running to the Sea”)

Route 5: A River ... Running to the Sea

The Arade River was a true backbone to the economic development of the peoples who occupied its banks, giving rise to settlements such as Ferragudo, Mexilhoeira da Carregação and Estômbar.

In this dramatisation, the audience is taken through the main thoroughfares of Ferragudo to discover what the men brought back from the sea, listening to conversations of fishermen’s wives, their longings, gossip and grievances of people weathered by the sea.

Prayers to Our Lady signal goodbyes, and stories, told in doors and windows, alleys and sidewalks, all point towards to the embarkation dock. From here it is a quick trip to Cais do Calhau(Calhau Quay), in Mexilhoeira da Carregação.

Since 1495, this river port has generated much hustle and bustle thanks to the trade of dried fruits and nuts and other consumer goods, destined for the entire country and beyond. Countrywomen brought their produce to the seafaring men. Amid banter and flirting, the enactment portrays the challenges, facts and tales that were part of the lives of the people of the sea and the river that fed them.

As the journey draws to an end, actors and participants unite in pleasant fraternisation, in which improvisation sprouts ... around and away from the table.

Duration: 90 minutes

Age Classification: 6+


Artistic and Technical Sheet


Bruno Batista – TEL | Nelda Magalhães – TEL

Pedro Monteiro – Te.Atrito


Nelda Magalhães – TEL | Pedro Monteiro – Te.Atrito



Lagos Experimental Theatre


André Canário – Te.Atrito |Arantxa Joseph – TEL | Bruno Batista – TEL | Jéssica Dias – Te.Atrito | Laura Pereira – Te.Atrito | Melissa Santos – TEL | Nelda Magalhães – TEL | Pedro Monteiro – Te.Atrito


Te.Atrito | Lagos Experimental Theatre


Carlos Norton | Nuno Murta

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