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  • Municípios de Loulé e São Brás de Alportel | Rede Azul - Rede de Teatros do Algarve

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23 November, 2018 . São Brás de Alportel

Moda Vestra

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By João Frade, Ana Perfeito and Sickonce

"Moda Vestra" is a collective of three Algarve-born artists: João Frade (accordionist), Sickonce (electronics) and Ana Perfeito (visual artist). The creative team united to form an audiovisual project that, based on the region’s traditional music, aims to explore the ambiguity between the traditional Algarve, its past, present, and visions of its future, from an experimental perspective of contemporary re-interpretation.

The fusion of different styles and mediums foresees the delivery of a unique but open identity, an out-reaching performance made complete by the audience. This principle gave origin to the name "Moda Vestra": Moda, from "current" and "traditional song"; Vestra, from the Latin "your".

The creative process in itself is the path towards that identity, applying the methodology of "giving space to the other", of letting the personalities of each artist coexist, and pouring their individual elements into the collective construction of history. The tools for bringing this challenge to fruition will be the accordion, musical instruments, machines, samples, sound and visual environments - projections of what these artists were and are. It is meant to be raw, strong, emotional, leaving room for interpretation and doubt.

Duation: 75 minutes (approx.)

Age Rating: M/12


Artistic and Technical Sheet

Artistic Direction and Arrangements: João Frade and Sickonce

Interpretation: João Frade (accordion), Sickonce (electronics), Ana Perfeito (visual art), João Guerreiro and Emanuel Marçal (accordion), Paulo Machado (bass and keyboards)

Original concept: Gil Silva (Faro Municipal Theatre)

General coordination: Gil Silva and Paulo Pires (Cineteatro Louletano)

Strategic partnership and coproduction: Municipalities of Loulé, Faro, Albufeira, Castro Marim, Lagoa, Lagos, Olhão, Portimão, São Brás de Alportel, Silves, Tavira

Tourism Partner: Proactivetur - TASA


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