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From 10 to 11 November, 2018 . Monchique

Medronho #1 (Arbutus #1)

Teatro na Serra e nas Destilarias (Theatre in the Mountains and the Distilleries)

A trilogy was being prepared for this year that would give continuity to the research and artistic projects on the arbutus culture, to be staged in distilleries in the mountain-ranges where the project had not yet been staged. However, then the big August fire happened in Monchique. Everything stopped. Everything has changed.

The authors visited the mountains, talked to the people, and the decision was made to continue showcasing the arbutus even though in many places it no longer exists. Using theatre to convey the mourning of the population. Thus the idea of constructing two events that could showcase the ‘medronho’ that disappeared in the flames and the ‘medronho’ that still exists after being saved from the fire, was come up with.

The first play will be on Mount Lameira, the epicentre of the catastrophe. The story of Monchique’s very own Romeo and Juliet, written by Sandro William Junqueira, will once again ring around the hills of Lameira. The Monteiro family, father Manuel Monteiro and son Ezequiel Monteiro, will share their story of the fire.

Duration: 2h30 
Age rating: M 18


Technical and Artistic Sheet:
Text: Sandro William Junqueira
Interpretation: Pedro Frias e António Fonseca
Artistic Direction: Giacomo Scalisi

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