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19 May, 2019 . Faro


Algarvian Cataplana Tasting Show

In life, we are all consumed. Some more than others. By pleasure or torrid love. By envy or the most vicious evil. By innocence or merely by convenience.

Little to nothing is known about the Cataplana, nor about the roots, gender or origin of its inventor. Was it created by a man or a woman? Were they Arabic or Algarvian? A Chef or a cook? The recipe for a good CATAPLAY is: 2 people, 5 cloves of garlic, 1 disagreement, several sounds, 2 points of view and 1 personal touch.

This is the synopsis of the show, whose motto is a reflection on the origins of the cataplana dish, one of the world’s most mysterious and unique tools. At the end of the show, there is cataplana tasting made by Tertulia Algarvia, accompanied by a drink (wine or juice).

Duration: 60 minutes (including tasting); no interval

Age rating: 6+


Artistic and Technical Sheet

Original idea: Tânia Silva

Text: Joana Guita

Directed by: João de Brito

Performance: Mário Spencer and Tânia Silva

Costume Designer: Filipe Correia

Light and sound operator: Noé Amorim

Subtitles Operator: Igor Martins

Communication and Marketing: Lélia Madeira

Translation: Inpokulis

Graphic Design: Hélder Rodrigues

Photography: Miguel Cruz; and João Neto / ETIC Algarve

Video: Filipe Pires / ETIC Algarve

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