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From 28 November, 2019 to 01 December, 2019 . Aljezur

O Presente de César (algarvian version)

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Quem vai ao mar não volta à terra

O Presente de César consists of César Tróia’s family story. It speaks about codfish, the most Portuguese fish that also speaks Norwegian, from the lands of Aljezur and the shores of Newfoundland, Canada.

In these lands where the weight of saudade is part of the being and of the soul, the reunion has the pungente, bitter, salty flavour. The taste of cod: the flavour that is part of our history. Our history of hardness beyond the sea where men choose the cold, the fog, the solitude. And this loneliness stays forever within them. Even in a family home they prefer to be left alone and only think of going back to sailing and fishing. To fish away from the world and away from the being, in these lands where the weight of saudade is a part of us.

This show is integrated in the Festival da Batata Doce de Aljezur and is also na on-board dinner with a special menu made of soup, dish and dessert and of course the wine that our chef really, really likes.


Duration: 2h30

Age rating: + 12 years old


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