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From 18 to 19 January, 2020 . Aljezur

A Grande Viagem do Pequeno Mi

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A dancer dances on top of a large table. She dances in silence. The audience seated around her watches her closely. She dances for us to discover how her steps, her gestures and movement phrases are and where they come from. Is she thinking about a body’s geography that she’s seeing, in a poetic equation that suddenly comes to her mind? Is she thinking about a vegetable soup almost ready for lunch? How does she join aspects of what she sees, such as the looks and poses of the adults and children of the audicence at the same time she’s dancing through her micro movements?

Mi in this case, is an abbreviation of micro movement. That is the source that sustains the whole show.


Duration: 1h15

Age rating: + 6 years old


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