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18 October, 2020 . Lagoa

Heritage Paths - Outstanding Experiences | “Senhora da Rocha: the legend and the locale”

Route 3: “Senhora da Rocha: the legend and the locale”

The Municipality of Lagoa has created a series of themed walking routes that follow a historical narrative: Performative Heritage Routes. With the geography of the county and its urban landscapes forming the basis, the routes take participants on a journey through theatre and music, exploring four different locations. A true trip back in time on routes that explore the area’s origins, showcasing how Lagoa has evolved over the last two and a half centuries.

Route 3: Senhora da Rocha (Porches) is a place of character and mystique, culminating in a hermitage erected on a promontory, which is one of the most remote manifestations of monotheistic religiosity in the region, a singularity alluded to in “Senhora da Rocha: the legend and the local”.

Duration: 90min

Age rating: +6



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