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01 August, 2020 . Loulé

Forgotten Food Festival | Charm Picnic

The Charming Picnic aims to recreate eating habits from the mid-twentieth century, when many Algarvians gathered at picnics in the countryside. These were meetings where socialising was the main event as well as sharing the different gastronomic traditions of each locale, which had great social significance for the people involved, as it contributed to strengthening ties and relationships. This experience includes a meal packed with aromas from times gone by, with local products and gastronomic surprises, some which are nowadays harder to find, or even left off today’s table. The symbolic instrument of the Algarve - the accordion - will also take centre stage with a performance during the picnic, as was done in the olden days, bringing entertainment to the countryside evenings.

The Chef will explain the meals’ menu, as well as the local and traditional products that were used in its preparation. All explanations will be translated into English by a Master of Ceremonies who will be present at all events, on hand to clarify all foreign and national participants in case of doubts.


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