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From 01 to 03 November, 2019 . Silves

Festival Out-(In)Verno

The Out-(In)Verno Festival addresses local environs from a global perspective, through proposals that take into account our identity and apply to everyone, allowing participants to experience an immersive plunge into the history of the Algarve and of the country. The premise that led to the proposal arose from the intrinsic relationship between the three subjects: Art communicating with Science addressing Heritage.

The Out-(In)Verno Festival program includes concerts, walks, staged astronomy and an Astro Party, exhibitions and workshops. This project marks the fifth centenary of the Circum-Navigation, and celebrates it with astronomy.



Artistic and technical file

Artistic director: Elsa Mathei | Ana Falé

Algarvian Chimneys Exhibition: Ana Bellande

Microorganisms Exhibition: Dora Rolo | Entreolhares Associação

História de uma Laranja (History of an Orange) Exhibition: Dora Rolo | Association Entreolhares

Astronomy: Mad Hatters

Staging | Actor: Pedro Monteiro

Cultural workshops: Patrícia Palma | Lugar Comum

Walk | Concert staging: Trilhos do Remexido – Association

Walks: Carla Cabrita | Walkin’Sagres

Music: Ensemble Armilar | Musical Director: Elsa Mathei

Gulliver’s Travels: Assoiation Entreolhares

Communication design: Mónica Catalá

Photography: Jorge Marques

Video: Jorge Graça

Production: Ana Falé


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