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From 15 to 18 October, 2020 . Monchique

Quando... (When...)

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WHEN is about the founding power of speech. It's about the earth.

There's a room in the woods where files can breathe.

The fossilized words on the pages are like stones that cut deep and take our breath away.

In the hectic calm of the craters, houses made of Earth, possibilities are dug out and ideas are sculpted by night.

Let's give animals back their summering.

Over time, the rivers of fiction and reality converge into a formless mass of possibilities.

The camera will transform raw fragments of real life into fictional objects, transforming boundaries that had risen to project a future.

WHEN is a huge, living, mysterious installation full of events that jump off the screens of life to capture the heart of the audience.

A work in progress that seeks the earth as a primordial element and as a place of existence.

Duração: 4h

Classificação etária: +12



This is a travelling performance that includes approximately two hours' walking, a total of around 9km on foot. During the performance, the audience will also be standing. Therefore, we do not recommend this show to those with reduced mobility.

Please also be aware that you must bring comfortable shoes and warm clothes, since part of the performance takes place at night, in the mountains.



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