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26 September, 2020 . Vila do Bispo

O Grande Embrulho (The Big Wrap)

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Ventania | Western Algarve Performing Arts Festival

“The Big Wrap” brings together the languages of clowns, dance, music, and the handling of objects in a tapered paper bag. In a visually poetic performance, the functional sense of a ‘bag’ is deconstructed as the shapes, textures and sounds of this living, organic object are revealed. During the intimate encounter between artist and object, the audience is involved in a universal sensory experience that touches all ages and cultures. An interactive show with a strong ecological message ‘wrapped' in moments of humour, surprise and poetry. Recollections of a time when traditional commerce used paper to wrap products, which inspired the birth of The Big Wrap.

Duration: 35 min

Age rating: 3+


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