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The 365 Algarve cultural programme is an initiative by the State Secretariats of Culture and Tourism, with funding from the national tourism board Turismo de Portugal and the Algarve Regional Tourism Board. These entities joined forces as they believe it is fundamental to develop a cultural programme of international tourism relevance for the Algarve region, involving the region’s cultural and tourism operators, and which runs from October to May each year.

The 365 Algarve cultural programme is built exclusively through the submission of applications by Algarve-based culture entities and tourist entertainment companies, in addition to their local Council authorities. The guidelines for the construction of the programme, based on the applications submitted, have the following objectives: cohesion and territorial distribution; thematic and artistic diversity; covering the entire duration of the programme; and the promotion of a regular, geographically-comprehensive and differentiated cultural programme over the course of eight months. 




The objectives of the 365 Algarve cultural programme are to:

A. Improve the tourist experience and the attractiveness of the Algarve as a destination by regularly offering a quality and geographically-comprehensive cultural programme;

B. Strengthen the region’s cultural offering in the midseason and low season, enhancing, differentiating and diversifying it, as a complement to the already consolidated tourist products, boosting the specific affluence to the region and promoting its circulation;

C. Invest in a cultural programme that values ​​contemporary artistic creation and the ability to build an increasingly qualified and innovative offer based on the region’s cultural and patrimonial identity;

D. Promote the impetus of the region, with a view to a growing return in terms of valorisation, employment, well-being, and qualification of tourism services, through a consistent, structured and sustainable project;

E. Establish partnerships and a dynamic of articulation among tourism, cultural and other operators who, in the Algarve, contribute to its sustained dynamism, in order to ensure the continuity, in the mid and long term, of the objectives of the 365 Algarve programme;


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