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a. Introduction – Promoters and Guidelines


The 365 Algarve cultural programme is an initiative of the Secretaries of State for Culture and Tourism, with funding from Turismo de Portugal (Portuguese Tourism Board). The programme is being implemented by the Algarve Tourism Board. These entities are working together because they believe it is fundamental to develop a cultural programme for the Algarve that will be relevant in terms of international tourism; the programme will involve cultural and tourism agents from the region and take place annually from October to May.


The 365 Algarve cultural programme is put together solely through the submission of applications by cultural and tourism entities based in the Algarve. The guidelines for the construction of the programme, based on the applications submitted, are aimed at ensuring: cohesion and territorial distribution; thematic and artistic diversity; monthly distribution of the proposed events to ensure a consistent, coherent and cohesive programme over the course of the eight months.


For the partner entities, the 365 Algarve cultural programme aims:


"To be a product of these new times announcing a new paradigm, because they allow us to look at a territory and its economic enhancement, without relegating its cultural potential to a secondary plane; much to the contrary, enhancing it, placing it at the centre of this enhancement, considering it to be fundamental in its capacity to provide those who seek it out with a unique and unrepeatable experience, on the one hand, and, on the other, to give cultural agents an opportunity to bring that potential closer to their communities in an effective and innovative way.

The cultural act therefore becomes an aggregating mechanism of discovery, of appropriation and tolerance and, in this respect, it affords the tourism experience a horizon for the future, that of discovery and of identification with others."



b. Introduction – goals


The goals of the 365 Algarve cultural programme are:

A. Improve the tourism experience and attractiveness of the Algarve as a destination by offering an annual cultural programme that is consistent and high in quality;

B. Offer a more extensive programme of cultural events in the shoulder and off-peak seasons and enhance, differentiate and diversify the cultural offering as a complement to the already well-established tourism products or to generate specific influx to the region;

C. Invest in a cultural programme that enhances the region's cultural identity and artistic creativity;

D. Establish partnerships and instil dynamics of liaison between tourism agents, culture and the territory that will help keep the programme alive in the medium- and long-term;

E. Breathe "life" into the region, in terms of wealth, employment and well-being, through a consistent, structuring and sustainable project.



c. Introduction – Concept


The 365 Algarve cultural programme is a programme that is built upon the identity of the region; it creates a perfect symbiosis between territory, communities, knowledge, heritage, innovation, contemporary creativity, experience and immersion.


In this ancient land, where, from time immemorial, people of many different origins have come together, the challenge is to let oneself fall under the spell, journeying through the arts to rediscover the Algarve. A programme of (un)likely connections that invests in resident creators in order to work with them to recreate, intensify and diversify the region's cultural offering.

The 365 Algarve cultural programme seeks to develop the destination's competitiveness all year round, by focusing on its identifying and creative features. A proposal that seeks to achieve strong territorial cohesion and an enhanced cultural offering, as well as strengthening the Algarve brand.


The 365 Algarve cultural programme is an invitation to explore the entire region, because in the most unexpected places residents and/or visitors may come across an exhibition, a concert, a performance, a festival, an artistic fusion or the opportunity to sample the best of our gastronomy while listening to guitar or accordion music.


There is life all year round in the Algarve! And creators in the region have joined forces with the Tourism Board to offer a programme packed with intense experiences and strong emotions and sensations that provide a good reason to visit and live in the Algarve all year round.


2nd edition Cultural Program 365 Algarve


The 2017/2018 365 Algarve cultural programme centres on a line that is based on a sunny territory for the arts, offering the perspective of creators and programmers from the Algarve, and all that this perspective brings in the way of challenges, stories, questions and charm. From this starting point we can combine knowledge and tangible and intangible heritage with artistic creations and offerings. We can also foster dialogues between those from here and those from afar, between the traditional and the contemporary, in a miscellany that seeks to enhance and diversity the region's cultural offering and empower the creators and professionals working both in culture and in tourism.


A sunny territory in the sense of one where people come together and receive a warm welcome, cheerfulness, a driving force for innovation and tradition, fostering residents' self-esteem and affording visitors an opportunity to come into contact with the people who live here. A programme that combines the best of the land – gastronomy, cultural and natural heritage – with the best of mankind – creativity and art, and so this sunny territory for the arts is born. Art as the highest celebration of the best that we are, have, want to offer, share and receive.


Consequently, a second edition of the 365 Algarve cultural programme seeks to be truly differentiating and to complement the existing cultural offering; and to be impactful, through the creation of programming anchors that make it possible to choose not only the destination but also different and enriching experiences for those who live in the territory and for those who come here as visitors.


A programme that is part of the regional development strategy and which has as its motto the involvement of people with art, culture and the territory, as well as the involvement and connection between tourism and culture; a programme that forges a strong, dynamic cluster capable of regenerating the region and its people (wherever they come from).


And this is why every day is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of and enjoy the programme of events featured in the second edition of the 365 Algarve cultural programme.

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