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28 June, 2019 . Faro

Lecture «Journey to Happiness»

by Leonor Santa Bárbara (DEP-NOVA de Lisboa FCSH and CHAM- NOVA/ FCSH/ UAç)

One of the genres that flourished in the Late Greek tradition, from the Hellenistic period, was the novel. Distinct from the Latin novel, the Greek version is conceived for young married women. Featuring similar structures, the various novels depict the adventures and misadventures that the young couple has to experience, until a final reunion. Since the Hellenistic world is vast and open, travel always forms a central part of these perils. Our objective is to show to what extent this voyage strengthens the relationship of the two young people, contributing towards greater maturity, and consequently, happiness. To do so, we will use novels such as The Ephesians, or Anthia and Habrocomes, by Xenophon of Ephesus.

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